We are extremely grateful and appreciative of all the kind words we have received over the years.  We pride ourselves on commitment to excellence and constantly strive to make your experience one that will earn your trust and loyalty.  Click on the reviews below to read what our customers are saying.

I have never had a more complete eye exam, nor one that I enjoyed more! Thank you.

  Coral, Tacoma

I just want to thank everyone for being so kind and helpful. It’s the first time I have glasses I actually like thanks to the girls at the desk assisting me in my search for frames. You were all wonderful and I really appreciate it! 

  Whitney, Tacoma

You are the best eye doctor ever, very thorough, concerned, and courteous. Thanks for the great experience. I love that you take the time to call when my son’s glasses came in. You have a client for life!

  Christina, Tacoma

I’m so happy we came back! Our whole family has been treated so well. I was on my last pair of contacts when I realized I hadn’t ordered more. They kindly gave me a sample pack and quickly ordered my new contacts. This last visit, Dr. Gorham was thorough with my 12 yr old son’s exam and then the gal ordering glasses made sure we had access to the best options for his new glasses (she had just ordered a shipment and wanted us to wait to order until we saw the newer options). I highly recommend this place for their stellar customer service and overall commitment to our well being.


This was by far the nicest eye appointment I’ve ever had. I will definitely be back for the years to come. Thank you for your friendly service and the lollipop you gave to my daughter.

  Debbie, Tacoma

Dr Gorham and staff were consistently friendly, warm, informative and professional. I’m so glad you are in my neighborhood!

  Barbara, Tacoma

Fantastic little vision center. I've been going to the same eye doctor most of my life because I have a wacky prescription. Dr. Chung's exam was incredibly quick for how accurate my prescription is! The staff are wonderful, quick to tell me when I could come get my new pair of glasses, and I found the price to be quite reasonable.


My visit was educational and fun. Dr Gorham took the time to answer any questions I had. The staff were also very helpful and informative and fun. Thanks again.

  Shannon, Tacoma

As usual everyone was so great! I really like to go to this office, they take really good care of me and the office staff is wonderful!


Dr Gorham is great! I think he gave me the best examination I’ve ever received, certainly the most accurate prescription.

  Marita, Tacoma

I was seen right away which I appreciate! Thorough exam performed efficiently also! Front office staff acknowledged me right away which makes a difference when choosing places I'll patronize. 


I was very impressed with your staff upon our first visit to your office. Everyone is very professional and pleasant. I was also pleased with the patience Dr Gorham has for children. Thank you!

  Julie, Tacoma

We are thrilled to have finally discovered our neighborhood eye doctor! We love it and had a great experience!

  Ron, Tacoma

Everyone was great and served me very attentively. Thank you very much for listening to my concerns and helping me all the way from a thorough exam to picking a pair of glasses that work perfectly for me! What a relief!

  Lorrie, Tacoma

Just wanted to make it official that you are the best! You all are so professional, knowledgeable and welcoming. I appreciate coming to a place that I can trust always knowing I’m in good hands with people who are sincere, dedicated and treat each person as an individual. Your atmosphere is so restful and comforting. Thank you for everything.

  Claire, Tacoma

We had a very pleasant experience when we saw Dr. Gorham today. Dr. Gorham explained what he was doing throughout the exam and the staff were extremely helpful to my son as he asked questions about glasses. His visit with the optometrist was also very informative and together they determined which glasses would serve him well. Thanks to Family Vision Center for a very productive visit.


I found that Dr. Pugh knew exactly what I was looking for and needed! His skills were amazing! And finding glasses was a breeze! Thank you!

  Alexandra, Tacoma

Dr Gorham was a great doctor! I’m always scared to death of people being around my eyes, but I was very comfortable with him. He didn’t make me feel like just another patient. Thanks!

  Jennifer, Puyallup

I want to thank Dr, Gorham for seeing me so quickly. You were the exactly perfect blend of kindness and thoroughness. Thank you!

  Deana, Fife, WA

Wow! Many thanks for making my first visit so memorable. Dr Gorham and the staff were organized, informative, and helpful throughout my exam, paperwork, and selection process. I am very pleased and will tell everyone I know about your office. Thank you.

  Wade, Tacoma

Thank you for a comfortable eye exam experience! Friendly staff, professional office environment - I am so glad I found you guys.

  Linda, Roy, WA

Dr Gorham is the first eye doctor to ever explain to me about my eye and give the condition a name (even though I still can’t pronounce it). I liked his manner. Pleasant, professional, but also human.

  Vernie, Tacoma

I was very pleased and felt like a person not a numbered patient. Thank you!

  Brenda, Tacoma

I found Dr. Gorham to be very thorough; he took the time to explain what he was doing. I felt complete confidence in him. I will certainly recommend him to others!

  Beth, Tacoma

Terrific customer service, warm and caring. Beyond the above mentioned kudos, the technical knowledge of products was A+. Will recommend your office!

  Kathy, Tacoma

I was very pleased with the way I was treated, and how everything was explained to me. I’m looking forward to my next visit! (And I’m enjoying my headache-free days at school!) Thanks again!

  Jessica, Tacoma

Great service! Everyone in the office was very helpful and Dr. Gorham in particular was very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks so much.

  Norah, Tacoma

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