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At Family Vision Center of Tacoma, we have been taking the time to listen to and get to know the people who come to us for care since 1968. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of personalized care at an affordable cost. After listening to their patient's needs, our doctors perform unabridged examinations and fit contact lenses based on their experience with thousands of patients. Using the latest tools and products, we apply modern medical science to your needs with a practiced hand.

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If part of your treatment involves glasses, our dispensary is where we help you get the maximum benefit from your new prescription, and help you weigh how best to use your insurance benefits. Our staff will listen to your needs and apply the latest optical lens technology to optimize your eyeglasses to let you see your best. We have a wide array of frame styles to fit a variety of stylistic tastes and budgets.


If your glasses are broken, bent, split, sat-on, twisted, chewed, cracked, hugged, smashed, folded, missing screws, or just hurting your nose, ears, eyes, or head, this is the place to repair, adjust, or restore your eyeglasses! Most of the time we offer basic adjustments and repairs to the public free of charge, but we may minimally charge for materials if more elaborate or heroic efforts are required.


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